With an aggressive new product development program and a dedicated sterile manufacturing facility, Hi-Tech is committed to developing and marketing the highest quality pharmaceuticals.
otic products


Hi-Tech is unique in its ability to manufacture sterile ophthalmic and otic products and solutions for inhalation.

The Company went public in 1991, and the money raised in the offering was used to build the sterile facility. Since then it has gone through a series of upgrades and innovations to allow manufacturing of various sterile products.

Sterile manufacturing started with a line of over-the-counter ophthalmic drugs and later developed into more complex prescription products. Hi-Tech's current sterile line includes various anti-infective drugs such as ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin ophthalmic and ofloxacin otic; anti-glaucoma remedies such as dorzolamide and dorzolamide with timolol; and albuterol solution for inhalation for the relief of bronchospasm.

Hi-Tech's ability to manufacture sterile products has played a significant role in its history. It has impacted the Company's growth strategy by shaping its pipeline of new products and product portfolio enabling Hi-Tech to successfully compete in the marketplace.

Looking forward, there are multiple opportunities for growth in the generic ophthalmic space and Hi-Tech is determined to be a major player in this market segment. Hi-Tech will continue to enhance its scientific and sterile manufacturing expertise in order to successfully bring new products to the market.

Hi-Tech's sterile facility attracts industry partners. The Company provides contract manufacturing services to both major and niche pharmaceutical companies, and enters into arrangements with industry partners to jointly develop generic and branded ophthalmic products.

Hi-Tech continues to expand its product line by adding two important ophthalmic products, Dorzolamide HCI-Ophthalmic Solution 2% and Dorzolamide HCI-Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution.
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